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President's Greeting

Welcome to the website of the Mountain View Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. As you point and click around our website, we trust you’ll find information which will not only be informative about what is happening around our Conference field but may it be a resource that can fulfill the needs and the longings of your heart. It is our desire to communicate to you who visit us through cyberspace that the love of Jesus that is transforming and empowering men and women in the Mountain View Conference, through is various events and resources, to become powerful, victorious and sharing Christians will shine through.
Mountain View Conference is the smallest of all the conferences within the U.S. but our love and care for people is big enough to include you in our family. If you are looking for a country setting in the mountains to live and a place to share Jesus, come to the Mountain View Conference which lies totally within the Appalachian Mountains. In harmony with our Lord’s command, the Mountain View Conference is seeking to make disciples for Jesus in the real sense of the word. That process engages people at every level of development – from visitors, to new believers, to the encouragement and training of those in the faith both young and old. We seek to grow, through various mentoring and training processes such as ShareHim, the kingdom of God on earth so as to hasten the coming of Jesus.
You are invited to come visit any of our churches and or church schools when in the area. Beautiful Valley Vista Adventist Conference and Youth Center is a “must visit” any time of the year.  Together, the ministries of Mountain View Conference seek ways to collectively complement and unify one another’s influence for good. Come join us.
Larry Boggess, President